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We are happy to provide a free app maker platform since 2014, for people who need a cost-free app creation for their app building purposes. Anyone can create an android app for free and publish on Google Play Store with our free app maker. We also allow you to generate an APK file for free. This way you can share your Android app with your friends or co-workers. Our platform enables anyone to publish their app on Google Play (own developer account) without paying us a single dime! There is also no time limitation for your Android app. As long as you are not using your app for commercial reasons, it's all free.

free app maker
free app maker android

Free App Maker Platform - Key Benefits

                • No MobiRoller branding in your app,
                • Unlimited app editing in your control panel,
                • Unlimited number of free Android app creation,
                • Daily 5 push notifications to as many users as possible,
                • Premium Design templates, free of charge,
                • Free APK generation and download,

Free App Maker - F.A.Q

What kind of Android apps can I built?

You can create small business apps as well as content apps for your purposes.

Who owns the app?

You are the owner of the app. This is also stated in our user agreement.

Can I make money with my app?

Our free app maker platform can't be used for commercial purposes. If you want to monetize your app for ad revenue or you want to sell apps to clients, you need a premium account.
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Why MobiRoller?

MobiRoller is a mobile app making platform that anyone can build a mobile app without coding. We are a transparent company and product suggestions are highly welcomed since we put user and customer happiness at first place. We would like to help entrepreneurs and freelancers a lot so if you begin your app journey with us, we will move forward fast.