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Free App Maker Platform for Android & iOS

Mobiroller allows you to easily create your  mobile app with the free app maker. Make your Android and iOS app with free app maker and publish your app to Google Play and App Store.

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Free App Maker

How to Make an App for Free?

Here is how to make an app for free without any coding using Mobiroller no code free app maker.

1️⃣ Add Features and Create your App

You can enter app name, add and customize more than 80 features to your app.

2️⃣ Test your App

You can test your app on the panel or you can produce an APK and install it on the phone.

3️⃣ Publish on Markets

You can publish your prepared application on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Huawei App Gallery. Don’t worry, we will support you.

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Free App Maker

Choose Advanced Features of Mobiroller Free App Maker

You can use all the necessary features for your mobile app project with Mobiroller free app maker. You can also see how to make an app for free here.

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free app maker for android and ios
Free App Maker

Free App Maker for Android & iOS


With Mobiroller free app maker, you can make Android apps ready to be published on the Google Play Store.


With Mobiroller free app maker, you can make iOS apps ready to be published on the Apple App Store.

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How to Monetize Your Mobile App?

Do you want to monetize from your mobile app? There are many options with which you can do this in Mobiroller free app maker. Advanced features that allow you to earn monthly income;


In the subscription business model, users can earn money with premium features along with free features. Users can add monthly, 3-monthly or annual subscription plans for the premium features you specify in the application.

In-App Ads

Interstitials, banner or rewarded ads are a great options to increase your mobile app revenue. Mobiroller free app maker is integrated with Google Admob and provides you with the necessary infrastructure for advertising revenue.

In-App Purchases

With this model, you can make paid screens in your mobile app and create recurring subscriptions. You can create paid content for your users and earn recurring income through recurring subscriptions.


Do you want to sell mobile apps to your customers? With Mobiroller free app maker, you can make white label mobile apps for your own customers and sell them at any price you want.


You can sell products via e-commerce with Mobiroller ecommerce and payment system. Many features such as e-commerce mobile app, website and credit card payment method are active.


You can make money by producing content or marketing Mobiroller. You get paid for each customer you bring in, and you can follow this from the Affiliate management panel.

Free App Maker

Benefits of Using Mobiroller Free App Maker

By using Mobiroller free app maker, you can save time and money, develop very fast mobile applications.

Here’s why Mobiroller is the best app maker:

Save on development time

There is no need to develop a mobile app for months, create your fast and advanced application immediately with free app maker.

Don't need a software team

You don’t need a high budget software team. Mobiroller free app maker provides technical infrastructure for you.

Maintenance support

Mobiroller carries out version updates and bug fixes to keep your application safe and up-to-date.

Popular integrations

We are doing the integration work you may need. You can use it whenever you want.

No Extra Hosting Cost

We cover your hosting costs for your mobile app project. There is no extra hosting fee for you.

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Benefits of Using Mobiroller Free App Maker
Medical Tourism Mobile App
Free App Maker

Multilingual Mobil App!

You can add as many language options as you want to your mobile app with Mobiroller free app maker. This way, you can conduct direct marketing for your target market.

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Free App Maker

Advanced Profile & Account Management

Users can log in by registering in the mobile app. This way, the records of all potential users will be maintained. You can send real-time notifications to these individuals and conduct marketing campaigns whenever you want with free app maker.

You can collect user data with the membership feature. With this data, you can group users and send special push notifications to groups.

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Association and NGO Mobile Application Builder
Yemek Sipariş Mobil Uygulaması Yap
Free App Maker

Send Unlimited  Push Notifications!

Keep your regular users active and boost your sales with push notifications. You can organize campaigns through your mobile application and send them to your users whenever you want with free app maker.

You can also check how to make an app for free here.

Mobiroller free app maker allows you to set up push notification automations for future dates. It has been developed for your better mobile app management.

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Free App Maker

Why You Should Build Mobile Apps for Your Business?

Monetize your mobile apps, grow your engagement rate, and more!

Use push notifications to interact with clients

Monetize your app with ads

Create deals to engage users

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Create a Mobile App with Advanced Features

Advanced Chat Feature

To strengthen user communication, you can create chat groups or engage in 1-1 chats for customer support.

YouTube Channel Integration

You can integrate YouTube channels into your mobile app. You can get more engaged users with free app maker.

Unlimited Design Option

You can use design templates or upload your own designs. There is no limitation!

Shopify Integration

You can create a mobile app that works integrated with your Shopify store  and publish it on Google Play Store and Apple App Store with Mobiroller free app maker.

Online Appointment

Your users can create appointments at any time with free app maker without needing to call you. 

Real Time Updates

Changes you make in the back-end will show in your app right away. You only need to focus on your app.You can also see how to make an app for free here.

Free App Maker

Publish Your App on Google Play and Apple Store

The best way to gain users is to publish your mobile app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Publish on Google Play Store

You can generate APK and ABB files for your Android app with Mobiroller free app maker. How to publish an app on Google Play Store?

Publish on Apple Store

You can generate IPA files for your iOS app with Mobiroller free app maker. How to publish an app on Apple Store?

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Publish Your App on Play Store and Apple Store
Free App Maker


You can use push notification in all application packages you make for Mobiroller. This allows you to make powerful announcements. It’s also very easy to use, you just add the feature you want and create your app. You can do it in a multilingual apps. An international application is possible. There is no need to know coding to use Mobiroller, which is a completely no-code platform.

With Mobiroller’s completely ready-made features, you can add-remove your application. Don’t worry, we will continue to add new features all the time 🙂 Also, we are always with you during the application preparation and management process, and we will continue to help you with e-mail and message support. Do not worry about Google Play Store and Apple App Store publications, we have prepared documents to support you in this regard and we will help you.

You can request support at any time by sending an e-mail to or by connecting to our live support line. All requests are answered within 48 hours at the latest.

Yes, if you prefer our package that includes design service, we prepare your application and deliver it to you. Your application is prepared as you want and delivered after your approval.

We can help you transfer the mobile application package you own to the person you want by contacting us. However, when the application package expires, a payment renewal will be required.

Each user must open their own developer account in order to publish the Market. Android apps require a Google Play Developer Account and iOS apps require an Apple Developer Account. Google Play Store account is $25 one-time, Apple Developer Account is $99 annually. Mobiroller is not the party receiving these fees. Payments are made directly to Google and Apple.

Google Play Store publications are made by the user and after you submit your application for review, it is reviewed by Google within about 7 days. If approved, your application will be published.

Apple Store broadcasts are also made by the user and you must have a minimum of PRO package. After you submit your application for review, it will be reviewed by Apple in about 2 days, if approved, your application will be published.

You can generate the IPA file required for Apple free of charge once a month. There will be a $25 fee in case you want it reproduced.

Since the review processes are completely under the control of the relevant markets, the publication of your applications is not guaranteed.

All your information is protected by 256-bit SSL, and you can safely transact. Moreover, our security system automatically recognizes all transactions made by malicious people and immediately cancels these transactions.

If you are not satisfied with our service, you can contact us within 1 week and get a full refund. This refund is valid for your first purchase.

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