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Mobile App Reseller Program is a great solution if you want to offer native Android & iOS mobile apps to your clients. Also great, if you are planning to create multiple apps for your own use. There is no need to hire a team of developers anymore.


Message from our Reseller: Start selling apps to SMB's right now!

I have created over 40 mobile apps for small businesses as a MobiRoller Mobile App Reseller since 2017.

I have done my research and decided to go with a reseller program that I don't pay a fortune for unlimited native apps. Also, I wanted an app maker that I can easily communicate. When I find out you can contact MobiRoller with WhatsApp and Skype, I was like Whaaat?

Of course, the platform has room for improvement but the account managers, technical support are surprisingly good at coming up with bright solutions. If you are a person like me and improvise when needed, you could definitely make a really good return on investment with this reseller program.

They offer unlimited native apps $1290/year. Any agency or freelancer can take that and make 10X ROI out of this. At least that was the case with me. So I suggest you give it a shot and see it for yourself.

I can't wait to see the release of the new reseller dashboard which will allow us to authorize customers for updating the app and sending push notifications.

Gökhan Kırca
CO2 Agency


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Multiple Apps

Create as many apps as you want for Android and iOS platforms. 10, 25, 50 or more.

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Apple Store Publishing

We can save you from a troublesome process by making Apple Store publications of your applications under your own account.

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Your Branding

You have full control of your apps and no MobiRoller branding at all.

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Platform Training

Our control panel is easy to use. Nevertheless, we can connect via Skype and show you how to use our platform!

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Skype Support

Chat with your account manager via phone, whatsapp or email!

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Premium Templates

Gain access to all of our premium app templates immediately.


Start your mobile app reseller journey with our fair reseller pricing. Pay yearly and get two months for free!
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Is it a white label app reseller program?

There is no Mobiroller branding in our apps. However, you can't authorize your clients to update their apps and send push notifications. We are working on the new version of the reseller dashboard which will also enable these features.

How do I contact Mobiroller when I become a Reseller?

We use WhatsApp and ticket system. You can contact our technical support and account managers without restrictions.

Who creates the apps? Me or Mobiroller?

You can build your apps using our platform or hire a pro from MobiRoller to create you an app. We can create a simple version of your app for $100 and you can take it from there.

How does the app publishing process work?

How does the app publishing process work? As a reseller, your first job must be opening developer accounts in both of the stores. Google Play Store publishing belongs to the Reseller since it's a simple process. Apple App Store publishing can be taken care of by MobiRoller or you. We charge $25 for the initial submission of each app. We can't guarantee anything but we are pretty good at this. It takes a day to see your app in the Google Play Store and about 2 weeks for the Apple App Store.

How much should I charge my clients per app?

We are well aware that small businesses are willing to pay up to a $3K for a tailor made app. You could charge your clients a minimum of $1K per app even if you are just starting your mobile app business.

How much money can I make?

We recommend you to create 50 apps per year. Building at least 50 apps should be your target. Let's say that you can charge your clients $2K per app. This sums up to $100K per year. $100K is just your app selling revenue. Remember that after you deliver the app, you should be charging at least small amounts of maintenance fees.

What happens if I cancel my reseller subscription?

If you want to go out business at some point, you still need your client apps up and running right? At that point, you have two options. You can transfer the ownership of the app to MobiRoller so that we can take care of the maintenance or you can transfer the ownership to your client and they can contact us and subscribe to one of our premium app packages.
Neden Mobiroller App Maker

Why MobiRoller?

MobiRoller is a mobile app making platform that anyone can build a mobile app without coding. We are a transparent company and product suggestions are highly welcomed since we put user and customer happiness at first place. We would like to help entrepreneurs and freelancers a lot so if you begin your app journey with us, we will move forward fast.


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