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Security Notice

You can find the Security Notice for data and internet security here.

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Mobiroller has implemented the most advanced technologies regarding internet safety in the marketplace. The purpose of this statement is to assure you that your data is protected in the best way possible. Also, we would like to establish transparency regarding our security infrastructure and practices. Mobiroller provides the highest level system security thank to its hosting and technical infrastructure. Network, data and physical security standards are met and updated according to the fast changing world. We take the measures below regarding security.


SSL used in Mobiroller servers enables the encryption of the data flow between the users and the system. The system is pretty similar to those employed in Banks.

Accessing User Data

Unless you permit, no one can access your account. MobiRoller support team can access your account only If you make a support request.

User Passwords

We expect our users to create powerful passwords and keeping your password for yourself is your responsibility. If we detect multiple login attempts that are unsuccessful, we block that account. If there is a long session without any activity, the system will automatically log you out.

Physical Security, Network Security, and the Firewall

Physical Security, Network Security, and the firewall
infrastructure of our app and our user information databases are stored in a data center called Sadece Hosting. They provide us with the most advanced firewalls in the industry.

Data Sharing

Transferring of the data is only possible with your permission. We never share data with partners that have a rather low-security level. Applications developed with Mobiroller use the YouTube service to access channel information and video information. Data received by the service is not stored in the application.

Users are agreeing to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Service by using Mobiroller. ( Trademarks shown in conjunction with the service are the property of their respective owners.

Backup Plan

Our backup planning works on a daily basis, in the case of technical issues.

For your data safety,

  • Choose a password that’s unique
  • Don’t share your password with anyone
  • Don’t write down your password and leave it available for others
  • Update your browser
  • Make sure that you only login to your account via
  • App users can define the login process with the Google service. Users logging in with Google are asked for authority to like/dislike YouTube videos. Users can view these permissions and remove access from the Google security page ( at any time.

What we do in the case of Security Breaches

It’s not possible to be completely safe on the internet, and we can’t guarantee a %100 percent safety. When we are aware of a breach though, we notify the affected user to take the necessary steps. Breach notification process includes sending the e-mail notifications and notifications of the breaches in our websites.

Your Responsibilities

It’s also your responsibility to keep your account information safe, using unique passwords. Please make sure that your devices are properly protected.

Information we collect

When you register to Mobiroller, we ask you to provide certain personal information, including a valid email address, Facebook or Google account log in details and username. We collect only Email and DisplayName information from third parties, including Facebook.

How do we use the Information collected?

The information we collect is used to maintain, protect and improve the service we provide.
If you connect to your account with a third-party service (such as Facebook) and log in, information such as Email and Display Name provided with the third-party service is used to verify, protect and improve the service under this service.
This information is controlled by that service or as authorized by you via your privacy settings at that service.