How to create an app?

how to create an app

If you were wondering how to create an app let us walk you through. Mobile apps are specifically developed software for mobile devices such as Android and iPhone.  

If you have a mobile app project, you could discuss it with a developer, or you can use a platform like ours to create your app. Either way, you need an outline of your app project. Start by defining the main objective of your app. Do you want to solve a particular problem? Increase the efficiency of a  business? Or perhaps an app for personal branding? App building is a costly matter. By focusing on your main goal, you will save both money and time.

Android app building and iOS app building are two different things. Determine which platform you want to create your app for depending on your audience and budget. If you are not an app entrepreneur, you may not even need to work with a developer. Instead, you could use an app builder like MobiRoller and get your app published in Google Play and Apple App Store.

You can start creating your app by logging into your MobiRoller control panel without the need of a developer. MobiRoller App Maker provides you a CMS where you can add any content to your app. You can also make a custom design for your app or choose one of our free to use design templates.

Below are the 3 main steps on how to create an app.

How to Create an App? - 3 Simple Steps

MobiRoller App Maker allows you to create your mobile app in three simple steps. You were wondering how to create an app? Here it is.

how to create an app

Add Content

Add content to your apps such as a text or an image, HTML code, a form and dozens of more content types to choose.

Test your App

Download MobiRoller Preview App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and test your app in real-time from your mobile device.


Publish your app in Google Play and Apple App Store so anyone can start using it.


After logging into MobiRoller Control Panel, you can start creating your app.

To do that, you need to add some content to your app and personalize the design of your app to your liking. 

create an app
Add Content

There are 3 main ways to add content to your app.

The first method is the simplest. All you need to do is type in a web page URL, and our system will embed your mobile responsive webpage into your app.

The second method is also very effective. Type in your Facebook page name, and we will get your Facebook page data and add that to your app in forms of modules such as contact info, photo gallery, website link and so on. You can use this method for a fast start and then make additions.

The third method is creating an app from scratch using MobiRoller CMS. We have created 30 modules for you to tailor your app content according to your needs. You can add text, image, HTML, contact forms, social media links, maps, product catalog, pdf viewer.

create an app
Design your App

There are also 3 ways to design your app. 

The first way is to use one of MobiRoller's design templates that are free to use. You can choose your template at the beginning of your app creation; you can change this later on.

The second way is to go ahead and do it yourself.
To do this, you will need to prepare at least a splash screen image, a logo, and a menu background. You can check each image size and format in your MobiRoller control panel.

The final way is hiring a MobiRoller design expert for your app. This will get you a professional app design and provide a better experience to your app users.


We created a mobile app so that you can preview or test your mobile apps with your mobile devices right away. Download MobiRoller Preview and test your app in real-time.



The most common method to get your app downloaded is to publish it the Google Play and Apple App Store.
Below are the links to each store's detailed publishing process.

MobiRoller App Store
Google Play Store
Apple App Store