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Create an app to save money from customer acquisition costs.

Discover a smarter, more efficient way to manage your loyalty programs. Coffee, Restaurant, Retail, Beauty Salon, Coiffeur, Spa, and every business that wants to start an innovative loyalty program.

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Reward your loyal customers, and make them want to come back to your store with a new motivation.

increase customer loyalty

Increase customer loyalty

A loyalty program can help you establish a sense of brand loyalty by rewarding your customers for their repeat purchases. For example, a coffee shop could offer a free drink after a certain number of purchases. A SPA salon could offer free service after a certain number of visits. A beauty salon can offer a free haircut, and a retail shop can offer a discount.

Increase brand exposure – A loyalty program can help spread the word about a business by encouraging customers to share the rewards and benefits with their friends and family. For example, a GYM could offer free PT service for every ten referrals made by a customer.

Loyalty Management mobile app builder

Benefits of Loyalty App

Enhanced customer retention – By incentivizing repeat purchases, a loyalty program can help reduce customer churn and keep customers coming back. For example, a hairdresser can provide a free service after a customer has visited the saloon 10 times, and a clothing store could offer a discount on a future purchase after a customer has made a certain number of purchases.

Improved customer insights – Loyalty programs can provide valuable data on customer behavior, such as purchase history and preferences, that can help businesses tailor their marketing and sales efforts. For example, a restaurant could use data from its loyalty program to target customers with personalized offers based on their dining habits.

Become an early adaptor

Make a Mobile Application with Advanced Features

Push Notifications

You can make continuous announcements and content marketing by sending push notifications to your users. So you can create a constantly active community.

Advanced Chat Feature

You can add 1-1 and group chat feature to strengthen users’ communication.

Customer Support

You can provide live chat support via your app.

Android & iOS App

You can upload your application to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Monetize Your App

You can generate income from the application you have prepared with the subscription model. You can add weekly, monthly or yearly subscription features. You can also earn ad revenue in your application with Google Admob ads.

Product Catalog

With the product catalog module, you can showcase your products or services.

How do loyalty programs increase sales?

Repeat Purchases

When customers enroll in a loyalty program, they are more likely to make repeat purchases in order to accumulate rewards points.

Incentivize Higher Spending

Loyalty programs often offer rewards for reaching certain spending thresholds. This encourages customers to spend more in order to earn more rewards.

Encourage Referrals

Some loyalty programs offer rewards for referring friends and family. This can incentivize customers to spread the word and bring in new customers.

Provide Personalized Offers

Loyalty programs can gather data on customer purchasing behavior and offer personalized discounts and promotions.

Foster Emotional Connection

A loyalty program can create an emotional connection with customers by making them feel valued and appreciated.

Increase Repeating Sales
Send unlimited push notifications to engage with your clients
Loyalty Management mobile app builder


You can use push notification in all application packages you make for Mobiroller. This allows you to make powerful announcements. It’s also very easy to use, you just add the feature you want and create your app. You can do it in a multilingual apps. An international application is possible. There is no need to know coding to use Mobiroller, which is a completely no-code platform.

With Mobiroller’s completely ready-made features, you can add-remove your application. Don’t worry, we will continue to add new features all the time 🙂 Also, we are always with you during the application preparation and management process, and we will continue to help you with e-mail and message support. Do not worry about Google Play Store and Apple App Store publications, we have prepared documents to support you in this regard and we will help you.

You can request support at any time by sending an e-mail to or by connecting to our live support line. All requests are answered within 48 hours at the latest.

Yes, if you prefer our package that includes design service, we prepare your application and deliver it to you. Your application is prepared as you want and delivered after your approval.

We can help you transfer the mobile application package you own to the person you want by contacting us. However, when the application package expires, a payment renewal will be required.

Each user must open their own developer account in order to publish the Market. Android apps require a Google Play Developer Account and iOS apps require an Apple Developer Account. Google Play Store account is $25 one-time, Apple Developer Account is $99 annually. Mobiroller is not the party receiving these fees. Payments are made directly to Google and Apple.

Google Play Store publications are made by the user and after you submit your application for review, it is reviewed by Google within about 7 days. If approved, your application will be published.

Apple Store broadcasts are also made by the user and you must have a minimum of PRO package. After you submit your application for review, it will be reviewed by Apple in about 2 days, if approved, your application will be published.

You can generate the IPA file required for Apple free of charge once a month. There will be a $25 fee in case you want it reproduced.

Since the review processes are completely under the control of the relevant markets, the publication of your applications is not guaranteed.

All your information is protected by 256-bit SSL, and you can safely transact. Moreover, our security system automatically recognizes all transactions made by malicious people and immediately cancels these transactions.

If you are not satisfied with our service, you can contact us within 1 week and get a full refund. This refund is valid for your first purchase.