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Become a Lifetime Mobile App Owner

Mobile Applications Packages that you can use for life with a single payment are now available. There are no monthly or annual payments. Use forever! Earn forever!


What is Lifetime Mobile App?

You get indefinite use with the lifetime mobile application package, which does not require you to pay monthly or yearly for your application project.

It is a premium package that allows unlimited use of all active features in the Mobiroller panel with lifetime mobile application packages.

Strengthen Your Sales Channels

Don’t you have time to design your app?

No problem, our Professional design team can design your application.


Sent us the application details

See the design prototype before you approve it

We design your app professionally

Get technical support for a lifetime


Make Advanced
Mobile Apps

Shopping Apps

Easily reach your customers and provide specialised services by creating an online store

Educational Apps

You can make online education applications in the field you want. You can create paid screens and earn subscription income.

Cryptocurrency Apps

You can make a cryptocurrency or stock market application, and create paid screens with the potential to earn subscription income.

Live Broadcast Apps

You can make mobile applications for live TV, radio, or internet broadcasts. There is potential to earn advertising and subscription income.

Enterprise Apps

You can make mobile applications for different purposes for institutions and organizations. You can provide the necessary communication within the corporate structure.

Bet Apps

You can make sports betting apps. You can earn revenue by using an in-app purchase feature by sharing your analysis before the sports matches.


Lifetime Mobile App Pricing


Frequently Asked Questions

No. You will not pay anything other than the specified fee. There are no hidden fees or long-term commitments.

Of course, you have the right to unlimited use of all the features active on our panel. You will be able to use the new modules and features.

Yes, but if you prefer our package can includes a design service and we prepare your application and deliver it to you. Your application is prepared to your specifications and delivered to you after your approval.

We can help you transfer your lifetime mobile application

Each user must open their own developer account in order to publish the Market. Android apps require a Google Play Developer Account and iOS apps require an Apple Developer Account. Google Play Store account is $25 one-time, Apple Developer Account is $99 annually. Mobiroller is not the party receiving these fees. Payments are made directly to Google and Apple. Google Play Store releases are made by the user, and apps go live on an average business day. Apple Store publications; It is made by the Mobiroller iOS team to the market accounts of the user. The average time for applications to go live is 14 days. The first iOS release of each of our users is made by us free of charge. Each subsequent Apple Store release is charged $25 per app. Publication is not guaranteed.

Yes. All your information is 256-bit SSL encrypted. We don’t keep your credit card information. Moreover, when we receive a suspicious payment, we cancel this order right away. This way we can avoid any fraud activity.

If you are not satisfied with our service, you can contact us within 1 week and get a full refund. This is valid for your first purchase.