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App Maker Platform for Non-Technical Users

MobiRoller is a cloud-based app maker platform for non-technical people. We greatly reduce your app making duration and cost. Therefore, you can use app maker to make yourself a great mobile app for Android and iOS without coding and without spending thousands of dollars.

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Key Benefits of Using MobiRoller App Maker

We have developed an making platform for small businesses and communities with a great set of features. Since you are not hiring a team of software developers for this job, you are also going to reduce down your app making costs, and you will be completing your projects in no time.

You can add content to your app using our CMS and ready-made modules. If you wish, you can also convert your website into a mobile app or use RSS feeds from your site to build a complete app.

For the design of your app, you can use our templates, use a tool like Canva or hire a design expert from MobiRoller. Once your key design elements are ready such your app icon, splash image and menu background, you can choose a menu type to your liking and finalize your app.

To test your app, you can use our dedicated mobile app, MobiRoller Preview. This mobile app provides you with a real-time app testing possibility. It's also possible to download the Android version of your app and make a real test.

Once you are satisfied with the results, you can go ahead and publish your app on the Google Play Store or MobiRoller App Store. You can also ask our support team to publish your app on the Apple App Store.

App Maker - F.A.Q

What kind of apps can I built with MobiRoller App Maker?

You can create small business apps as well as content apps for your purposes.

Who owns the app?

You are the owner of the app. This is also stated in our user agreement.

Can I make money with my app?

Our free app maker platform can't be used for commercial purposes. If you want to monetize your app for ad revenue or you want to sell apps to clients, you need a premium account.
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Why MobiRoller?

MobiRoller is a mobile app making platform that anyone can build a mobile app without coding. We are a transparent company and product suggestions are highly welcomed since we put user and customer happiness at first place. We would like to help entrepreneurs and freelancers a lot so if you begin your app journey with us, we will move forward fast.