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Android App Maker

Mobiroller provides a native Android app maker for no-coding app building purposes. You can build Android apps in minutes, generate and download your APK file and publish your app on Google Play Store. You can try our platform for as long as you need for free. Let us know if you need any help along the way.

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Android App Maker

How does Mobiroller Android App Maker work?

You can use our Android app maker to make android apps, three different ways. First of all, you can turn your mobile website into a mobile app. Second, you can build an app from your facebook page. Thirdly, you can create your app using Mobiroller CMS.

After you Register and access to our Android App Maker control panel, you can decide on how to build your app. In any case, you will need to add some content to your app also design your app to your liking. Later on, you can publish your app on Google Play and Apple App Store.

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Android App Maker

Android App Maker – The App Creation

Start creating your app by adding some content to your app. To add content, you will be using our ready-made modules in our control panel. Go to the content tab and add the module that suits your app project. We have over 30 modules to choose from to add text, images, forms, maps, notes, chat room, settings, HTML codes to your app.

We created modules for each content type, and it’s easy for you to manage your Android app’s content. If you want to add a chat room to your android app, add the chat module to your mobile app. After adding a few modules to your app, you can start tailoring the design of your mobile app.

There are at least a couple of images such as app logo, splash screen, menu background that you need to prepare. If you are not familiar with image editing, you can use our free design templates. You might as well hire a Mobiroller expert for a custom app design.

Make an Android App

Why You Need  a Mobile App Creator?

Mobile app builders make app development easy. They have a number of advantages over custom development.

Here’s why online app creators are preferred.

No coding required

Build your own app without writing a single line of code. No prior experience or technical know-how is required to create apps.

Make your own app in minutes

Unlike custom app development, you can create an app within minutes with online app builders and ensure instant app delivery.

Sustainable plans

Get an affordable app building solution and say no to expensive code-based app development.

Take complete control

Create highly customizable mobile apps that align with your business goals. You can make mobile apps in many areas, including e-commerce.

Instant app delivery

Building an app with Mobiroller is not only easy but also quick. Now make an app in minutes & launch on Google Play & App Store.

Try now. Pay later

Build your app for free and pick a plan later. Focus on making your app and only pay when you are ready.

Android App Maker Platform User Base

Our app maker is intended to solve non-technical people’s app-building needs. In our experience, still, a variety of people use our Android App Builder. Below are Android App Maker’s common user profile;

Small business owners use our Android app maker for two main reasons. First one is to establish a mobile-first customer loyalty program. This way they want to reduce churn and keep their customers happy at all times by giving incentives.

Secondly, business owners create their Android app for branding. By publishing their app on Google Play Store, they get great visibility for their business. Altogether, SMB owners increase customer interaction by using our Android app maker.

Our Android app maker provides excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs. It’s easy to create a mobile app and make money through in-app-advertising.

Therefore, people with entrepreneur mind often contact us and try to make ad revenue by building apps.

Corporate companies often prefer hiring developers for their app building purposes. However, our platform’s super efficient app building cuts costs and saves tons of time.

Therefore, IT officers from these companies sometimes use our Android app maker. Most of the big companies have mobile responsive websites, so it’s easy to turn their site into a mobile app. This is the most preferred method and works in their favor if they want to create an MVP for their app project.

This group of people already have a customer base with mobile app needs. Therefore, agencies join Mobiroller’s App Reseller program to build and sell apps to their clients. You might as well become an Android app maker reseller and start pitching apps to clients.

Web content creators started to move their content into mobile apps. The main reason being the high ad revenues compared to desktop ads. We are happy to collaborate already with over 30 bloggers and influencers where we build their apps and help to monetize.

Custom Mobile Application Development Services