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Free App Builder for Android & iOS

Mobiroller offers a seamless app building experience, enabling you to effortlessly design your mobile app through the free app builder. Utilize this cost-free app builder to create your Android and iOS app, and launch it on both Google Play and the App Store.

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free app builder
Free App Builder

How to Build an App for Free?

Here is how to build an app for free without any coding using Mobiroller no code app builder free.

1️⃣ Enhance Features and Develop Your App

Utilize the free app builder to input your app name and effortlessly customize over 80 features for your application.

2️⃣ Test Your App

You can either test your app directly on the panel or generate an APK file and install it on your phone.

3️⃣ Publish on Markets

With the assistance of our app builder, you can effortlessly publish your prepared application on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Huawei App Gallery. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered every step of the way

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Free App Builder

Build Any Mobile App You Like of Mobiroller Free App Builder

You can leverage all essential features for your mobile app project using Mobiroller’s free app builder. Learn  how to build an app for free here as well.

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free app builder for chat-app
Free App Builder

Free App Builder for Android & iOS


You can create Android apps that are ready for publication on the Google Play Store with Mobiroller app builder.


You can create iOS apps that are ready for publication on the Apple Store with Mobiroller app builder.

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How to Turn Your Mobile App into a Money-Making Machine?

Looking to monetize your mobile app? Mobiroller free app builder offers numerous options for achieving just that. Explore advanced features designed to help you generate a monthly income;


In the subscription-based business model, users have the opportunity to earn income through a combination of premium and free features. Users can incorporate monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription plans for the premium features defined within the application.

In-App Ads

Interstitials, banner ads, or rewarded ads offer excellent opportunities to boost your mobile app revenue. Mobiroller app builder seamlessly integrates with Google AdMob, providing you with the essential framework for generating advertising revenue.

In-App Purchases

Utilizing this model, you have the ability to design paid screens within your mobile app and establish recurring subscriptions. By offering paid content to your users, you can generate recurring income through subscription renewals.


Interested in selling mobile apps to your clients? With Mobiroller free app builder, you have the capability to create white label mobile apps tailored for your clients and market them at your desired price.


With Mobiroller’s e-commerce and payment system, you can engage in product sales effortlessly. Active features include an e-commerce mobile app, website, and credit card payment methods.


Earn income by creating content or promoting Mobiroller. Receive payment for each customer you attract, and easily track your earnings through the Affiliate Management panel.

Free App Builder

Why Should You Choose Mobiroller Free App Builder?

Utilizing Mobiroller’s free app builder allows you to save time and money while rapidly developing mobile apps.

Here are the reasons why Mobiroller stands out as the best app maker:

Save on development time

No need to spend months developing a mobile app; create your fast and advanced application immediately.

Don't need a software team

You don’t need an expensive software team. A free app builder like Mobiroller provides the technical infrastructure for you.

Maintenance support

A app builder like Mobiroller performs version updates and bug fixes to ensure the safety and currency of your application.

Popular integrations

We handle the integration work you might require. Feel free to use it at your convenience.

No Extra Hosting Cost

We take care of the hosting expenses for your mobile app project, and there are no additional hosting fees for you.

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Why Should You Choose Mobiroller Free App Builder
free app builder for in app purchases
Free App Builder

Unlock Exclusive Features with In-App Purchases

In-App Purchase feature is one of the most commonly used monetization models. You can offer users features they can access by paying a fee.

For instance, you can enable payments on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis for users to access your content.

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Free App Builder

Enhanced Mobile Commerce Experience

Would you like to create an e-commerce website and mobile app to sell your products online? With Mobiroller free app builder, you can build your online store and start selling your products.

Utilize secure payment infrastructure with Stripe and Paypal integrations. Open your store now and start selling!

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free app builder for ecommerce
free app builder for push notifications
Free App Builder

Unleash Limitless Push Notifications!

Engage your regular users and enhance sales through push notifications. With a free app builder, you can conduct campaigns within your mobile application, sending messages to your users at your convenience.

You can also check how to build an app for free here.

With a app builder like Mobiroller, you can establish automated push notification schedules for upcoming dates. It has been designed to enhance your mobile app management experience.

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Free App Builder

Why Building Mobile Apps is Beneficial for Your Business?

Generate revenue from your mobile apps, increase your engagement rate, and much more!

Utilize push notifications for client interaction

Generate revenue for your app through ads.

Craft enticing deals to captivate users

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free app builder for your business

Create a Mobile App with Advanced Features

Advanced Chat Feature

To strengthen user communication, you can create chat groups or engage in 1-1 chats for customer support.

YouTube Channel Integration

You can integrate YouTube channels into your mobile app. You can get more engaged users withapp builder free.

Unlimited Design Option

You can use design templates or upload your own designs. There is no limitation!

Shopify Integration

You can create a mobile app that works integrated with your Shopify store  and publish it on Google Play Store and Apple App Store with Mobiroller app builder free.

Online Appointment

Your users can create appointments at any time with app builder without needing to call you. 

Real Time Updates

Changes you make in the back-end will show in your app right away. You only need to focus on your app.You can also see how to make an app for free here.

Free App Builder

Release Your App on Google Play and the Apple Store

The most effective way to acquire users is to publish your mobile app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store using a app builder.

Publish on Google Play Store

You can generate APK and ABB files for your Android app with Mobiroller app builder free. How to publish an app on Google Play Store?

Publish on Apple Store

You can generate IPA files for your iOS app with Mobiroller app builder. How to publish an app on Apple Store?

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For Whom is the Free App Builder?

We intended to help mainly non-technical people with our app builder. As a result, our app creator allows anyone to build apps without coding. Below are Mobiroller App Builder’s most common user base;

SMB owners most of the time would like to create mobile apps for two purposes using our free app builder. The main reason is usually establishing a mobile customer loyalty program so that their customers keep buying from them.

Secondly, they would use their app in app stores for branding purposes. In other words, they want to represent their business in the app stores and allow their customers to interact with them. So if you are a small business owner, contact us for your app-building purposes and let us help you as well.

Entrepreneurial spirit contacts us for the sole purpose of making money with mobile apps.

Are you interested in making money with mobile apps?

You can do that by making a content app with Mobiroller and monetize it through in-app-advertising. Or you can create paid content and earn money with in-app purchases. So you can create a subscription system.

You can also earn money with e-commerce applications.Let us know if all of this makes sense to you and you have what it takes to become a mobile app entrepreneur.

Not only small businesses use our app builder free. Corporate size companies, greatly benefit from our platform to create their first ever mobile app. They often have a great mobile responsive site so using Mobiroller; they can build a web-view app in a matter of minutes.

This way they would save a tremendous amount of time and money for their first mobile app project. Most of the time tech people of big companies contact our app builder support, and we love to help them.

Marketing agencies, digital agencies, SEO agencies and freelancers already have a customer base with a need for mobile apps. Therefore, we provide a mobile app reseller program for them to create and sell apps to their clients.

If you are in the same situation, contact us and get a quote.

People that are familiar with creating web content and monetization contact us for a partnership purpose.

A mobile app can bring up to 10x ad revenue compared to desktop ads. So we often build an app for content creators and start making money together.

Free App Builder


You can use push notification in all application packages you make for Mobiroller. This allows you to make powerful announcements. It’s also very easy to use, you just add the feature you want and create your app. You can do it in a multilingual apps. An international application is possible. There is no need to know coding to use Mobiroller, which is a completely no-code platform.

With Mobiroller’s completely ready-made features, you can add-remove your application. Don’t worry, we will continue to add new features all the time 🙂 Also, we are always with you during the application preparation and management process, and we will continue to help you with e-mail and message support. Do not worry about Google Play Store and Apple App Store publications, we have prepared documents to support you in this regard and we will help you.

You can request support at any time by sending an e-mail to or by connecting to our live support line. All requests are answered within 48 hours at the latest.

Yes, if you prefer our package that includes design service, we prepare your application and deliver it to you. Your application is prepared as you want and delivered after your approval.

We can help you transfer the mobile application package you own to the person you want by contacting us. However, when the application package expires, a payment renewal will be required.

Each user must open their own developer account in order to publish the Market. Android apps require a Google Play Developer Account and iOS apps require an Apple Developer Account. Google Play Store account is $25 one-time, Apple Developer Account is $99 annually. Mobiroller is not the party receiving these fees. Payments are made directly to Google and Apple.

Google Play Store publications are made by the user and after you submit your application for review, it is reviewed by Google within about 7 days. If approved, your application will be published.

Apple Store broadcasts are also made by the user and you must have a minimum of PRO package. After you submit your application for review, it will be reviewed by Apple in about 2 days, if approved, your application will be published.

You can generate the IPA file required for Apple free of charge once a month. There will be a $25 fee in case you want it reproduced.

Since the review processes are completely under the control of the relevant markets, the publication of your applications is not guaranteed.

All your information is protected by 256-bit SSL, and you can safely transact. Moreover, our security system automatically recognizes all transactions made by malicious people and immediately cancels these transactions.

If you are not satisfied with our service, you can contact us within 1 week and get a full refund. This refund is valid for your first purchase.

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