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Monetize your content with in-app purchases
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So, let's say that you have a free app in app stores, and making some $$$ off the ads already. Do you think that is the only way you can monetize your app? Let us tell you right now that there are more. Then, why leave it at that?

If you are offering something of value in your app, you can make even more with the in-app purchases!

While this income model is most prominent in the games, don't be mistaken thinking that it is exclusive to them. Your app doesn't need to be a game to make use of in-app purchases!

If you are ready to think big, let's have a look together at just how do you do this.


In a nutshell, in-app purchases allow you to sell premium content in an app. Your valuable and exclusive content can bring you additional income through your mobile apps with this technology. You can think of potions, extra items and characters etc. in games as an example. However there are many more ways to make use of this feature:

Many apps use IAP as a way to allow users to remove ads in an app, or pay for a subscription if you app supports or requires one. Additional features or exclusive content can also be accessed with a payment.

Our in-app purchase feature allow your users to purchase content in your app to be able to use them. Making the app, and setting up the payment channel is a hassle-free endeavour.


There can be many answers to that question. You may be a content creator, community manager, running an NGO/NPO, and a plethora of other things to need this feature.

Statistics show the value in-app sales can add to your app incomes. While this method of monetization is seen most prominently in games, don't think that it is exclusive to them.

In-app purchases can be the bread and butter for content creators, communities and many other kinds of app owners.

Content creators

"What's a content anyway?" Well yeah, good question. This umbrella term includes many types of intellectual products like a written article, a photo, a scientific paper, training material, entertainment videos etc.

Let's say that you are a musician, you may offer a chance to listen to some of your brand new songs that aren't yet published elsewhere, as an exclusive content to your mobile users.

We can diversify the examples a lot more. To tell you the truth, it is all about what is it that you present to your users. Podcasts, training programs, ebooks, reports, comics, and whatnot... you can sell all kinds of content in your apps.

in-app purchases

Let's suppose that you operate a gym, and you wanted to catch the digital times. So you have made an app for fitness enthusiasts. Why shouldn't you offer some advanced training programs or direct attention of your trainers for sale in the app?

Community Managers

Surely, you take part in some groups formed around your interests. Perhaps you even manage one (or more) of those.

These groups can use mobile apps to keep their members together, in interaction, and informed about the latest events concerning the community.

If you are managing such a community, or, better yet, if the community is your fanbase, you can offer your chatroom as an in-app purchase.

Match-making apps and more

Don't think it is only for clubs, organizations etc either. These days match-making apps like Tinder are very popular, and many features in those apps can also be subject to pay.

Removing the location limitations, limiting the information visible in your profile, undoing accidental swipes, and many more such features are offered as a premium.