What is Ad Revenue Partnership?

Your content is great, and you are already making some cash out of it? That's great. Just a quick reminder, ads in mobile apps can bring you as high as ten times compared to desktop ads. So become an ad revenue partner and get your professionally designed mobile app to Google Play and App Store for free. Start sending push notifications to your app users and monetize your app.

Mobiroller App Maker Reseller
  • Apply for Ad Revenue Partnership.
  • Get your app created free.
  • Get your app published in Google Play & App Store.
  • Create content and send push notifications.
  • Skyrocket your ad revenue.


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Free Mobile App

We are building your Android & iOS app for free. You could even create multiple apps if needed as long as you have got great content app projects.

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App Promotion

We will promote your app using our internal ad network and our other ad revenue partners to give your app a kick start.

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Mobile App Publishing

We are publishing your app in Google Play and App Store for free. You don't even need to open developer accounts.

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ASO Support

Our team will take care of your app store optimization so that your app will show up on top results in app stores.


What is Ad Revenue Partnership?

If you meet the criteria, our experts will create your app and publish it in the app stores free. We will also boost your app's ranking and get lots of downloads. We will then place ads in your app and start generating ad revenue. This revenue will then be shared between you and MobiRoller.

Who can apply?

For us to become partners, meaning that we will create your app for free and publish it in stores; You should have a considerable amount of hits to your website, blog or your youtube channel. Even if you already monetize your content, we could help you make more money with your app. Don't hesitate to apply, if you meet the conditions.

What would be my role within the project?

If we become partners, your main job would be creating exceptional content for your app. It's also a good idea for you to plan your push notifications to engage with app users.
Neden Mobiroller App Maker

Why MobiRoller?

MobiRoller is a mobile app maker platform, originated from Turkey. We are the market leader in our region and now growing globally, happy to welcome our global users from around the world. We are a transparent company and product suggestions are highly welcomed since we put user and customer happiness at first place. We would like to help entrepreneurs and freelancers a lot so if you begin your app journey with us, we will move forward fast.

Check out our ad revenue partners

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